Bed bug Treatment and Control

Bed bug Treatment and Control with Pestrap

As a Professional in bed bug control, Pestrap Exterminator’s effective methods for bed bugs include training, early detection, and effective removal methods. Our Pestrap Exterminator specialist will conduct a thorough inspection and recommend treatment for bed bugs based on the intensity of the infection.

We move forward in a sensitive and personable manner and realize how emotional and stressful bed bug infestation can bring. This means that we will work with you, your family, or your company to make treatment services as uninterrupted and prudent as possible.

Bed bug Fumigation Services

Structural fumigation will completely capture your property and release the fumigant gas to penetrate every inch of the structure, including walls and sub-floors. These chemicals will penetrate into all items in the fumigation chamber and are very effective in eliminating bed bugs in all stages of a single treatment.

During the bed bug fumigation treatment, all plants and pets must be discharged for a few days.

Bed bug Treatment

Bed bug insecticide treatment usually starts from the center of the infection, in most cases on the bed of the infected room. Then carefully dispose of all nearby items. These include skirting, floor and wall joints, file tape under the carpet, behind power sockets and switches, cracks in the wall and floor, wall-mounted objects, and related structural voids. The goal is to deal with every possible hiding place to ensure that bed bugs are completely eliminated at all stages of its life cycle.

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