Bee extermination

Bee Extermination in Pakistan with Pestrap

Bee extermination can be challenging, and knowing how to exterminate bees in Pakistan depends on many elements.

The first step is to find out the type of bee to deal with. The bees seen near the house are mainly carpenters, bumblebees, or bees. Many people confuse carpenter bees with bumblebees because they look similar, but knowing how to get rid of a bumblebee may not be the same as getting rid of a bumblebee.



The social bee species is organized by the caste system. The queen bee drives the bee. She also lays eggs for the colony. This is followed by the drone: These drones (male) have intercourse with the queen, usually in late spring. All the working bees are female, the smallest bee in the hive. They are the largest group of bees and are liable for running it easily.

Honey bees

Honey bees

Bees can be found near houses where beekeepers use to grow beehives to produce honey. They are also black and yellow, but much smaller than Carpenter or Bumblebees. Adult bees range from half to one-eighth of an inch. Bees are social insects, and the hive is organized into worker bees, drones, and queen bees by the caste system. The worker bee is smaller than the drone (male), and the drone is smaller than the queen. The structure rotates surround the queen bee.

Carpenter bees

Carpenter bees

In spring and summer, most carpenter bees seen near houses and wooden structures are drones. Although they can hunt people, they cannot sting. They are often called “white bees” because they have a large whitish spot on the front of their head. Female bees sting, but only sting when they are treated or when the hive is attacked.

Bee Extermination methods

There are a lot of treatment ideas for bee removal such as ranging from hive removal to carpenter bee nets. Bees enter a small wooden hole through a carpenter bee trap. The bee then falls into an empty plastic bottle. It is not an effective bee control method because it does not address the root cause of a bee problem.

You will catch some bees, but you still need to deal with them. Beekeepers, Pestrap pest control experts also generally do not recommend this method, because bees are useful pollinators and should be resettled rather than killed.

The best way to remove bees is to call a beekeeper or a pest control specialist such as a Pestrap.They have the necessary protective equipment and know exactly which method will work for the types of bees near your home.

Bee Extermination

Use Professional Method:

It is important that the bees do not seal the exit hole of the colony. Like a wasp, the bee will find another way, it can happen in your home.

Honeycomb should be taken out of the home professionally. If the bee is not removed before the wax collapses, the result may be structural damage, let alone the beehive. It also attracts other hungry insects, which will eat honey after the bees disappear.

When trying to solve the bee problem, children, pets and other people must not be around and should wear protective bee suits. Likewise, the best way to deal with bees is to call a professional.

Although these options can remove unwanted bees from your home, calling a pest control expert is the best solution. Pestrap service professionals are trained to properly remove bees in your office and your home.

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