Food Moths Extermination​

Food Moths Fumigation

There are many species of moths, and they are accustomed to eating grains, rice, and flour. Although different species may look different, and some species can feed on fabrics, they can all be treated in a similar way. Pest control products provide various forms of control measures to eliminate moths and their larvae and prevent further infestation.

Food Moths Extermination

Moths are usually associated with factories and large food storage areas. However, they are becoming more and more common in residential buildings.

Food Moths Identification 

There are many different types of moths. Mill moths, Pakistani meal moths and warehouse moths are the most common. Since all moths are treated the same, it is not necessary to determine the specific species.

The problem is the larvae .                              

The real problem is when the larvae eat your food. They look like, if you see these sees in the kitchen, it can definitely indicate that you are infected with moths.

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