Mole Extermination

Mole Extermination in Pakistan with Pestrap

Underground pest control may be the most difficult. They rarely appear or can be seen in daylight, and their tunnel system not only provides them with protection, but also provides an opportunity to escape unnecessary attention.

Identify moles

Among all these animals, the mole is the most capable excavator. The most common mole encountered by homeowners in Pakistan has some star-shaped face mole. The average mole is about 6 inches long and weighs 4 ounces or less. It is thick gray-brown fur. In fact, mole rat fur is very soft and has a very good texture, and has been used to make puffs in the past few years. Its nose is also very short, and the eyes and ears may not be visible during the first mole extermination.

Moles are often mistaken for rodents. Compared with mice, squirrels, rabbits, etc., they are more similar to bats and small mammals. They are almost completely blind, relying on sound and touch to perceive. You are lucky to find a mole, and you will find that its biggest feature is the front paw. These appendages are large and hairless, with five slender claws, specially used to break and shovel dirt.


Worms and are the staple food in the rat’s diet. Moles, like snakes and scorpions, are actually poisonous animals. Their bites are enough to paralyze any insects that fall in one of the traps. Because they consume a lot of energy, moles must almost constantly eat. Rats may consume their own body weight every day. With its high metabolism, a single mole can dig up to 15 feet of soil in an hour.

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