Moth Extermination

Moth Extermination in Pakistan

When you think of pests in your home or business, you might think of cockroaches, spiders, flies, or mice, but you might not think of moths. However, moths can be devastating pests, and the infestation of moths in your home can cause huge losses to your clothes, furniture, and other damaged items.

Moth Extermination

If you are looking for pest control, please contact our Pestrap Pest Control and fumigation Office. We have prepared experts who deal with moth extermination and provided solutions to exterminate moths, and then provide you with methods to prevent moths from returning.

You may have seen moths flying around in your house before. These winged insects may accidentally invade your house and become real pests in it.

Proper storage of vulnerable items at home is a good line of defense against moths and other pests. However, sometimes you need additional help. If so, Pestrap’s pest control specialists can inspect your home and provide treatment recommendations to help and exterminate moths.

clothes moth


Although generally harmless, moths can be annoying. They can digest animal hair and feed some of those items are made of natural fibers, such as wool and cashmere. Unfortunately, this means that they can damage some more expensive items in your wardrobe. Moths are small, about one-eighth of an inch and beige in color.


Other types of moths feed on food commonly found in the kitchen and are called pantry moths. These include Indian food moths and Mediterranean flour moths. If you can find them in the kitchen, it may be one of these two types.

Indication of moths

One of the earliest signs of moth infestation may be a hole in the wardrobe and fabric. This is because the moths prefer to lay eggs where the larvae hatch and then consume clothing such as clothing, carpets and other clothing. Adult moths do not eat cloth or clothes, but they grow and produce more larvae

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