Rats Extermination

Rats Fumigation

The most numerous pest species of rats in the UK are ‘Common Rats’. Rat Extermination  carriers of diseases such as Salmonella, Weil’s Disease and Toxoplasmosis – hence the need for rat control.Rats came to reside in the UK through the shipping traffic from around the world in the 18th century and became one of the most detested pests because of problems they cause. Their constant gnawing can cause numerous problems from fires to structural damage and they also taint foodstuffs.

Rats Extermination

Pestrap Fumigators are experts in mouse removal and mouse extermination services. We have the latest methods to find out where the rats have entered and prevented them from coming back.

Rat Control Services

At Pestrap Rat Fumigation Service, we conduct a thorough inspection of your home and find out where the rats are. We seal the access point and look for rat dens that may be in your house. We will work with you to reach the perfect solution.

Rat Fumigation at your Home

Rat fumigation is a major concern for several homeowners. Mice and rats can spread disease, contaminate food, and cause structural damage. They are also skilled pasts, known for their strong front teeth for passing obstacles.

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Preventing access to ports and food is only the first step in keeping rodents out. The most effective method requires a multi-step pest method. A series of baits and baits are also provided. However, thisprocedure can be harmful and must be used correctly to be useful. Therefore, they should not be used without the help of pest control experts such as Pestrap. Make sure your house is not a good place for rats or mice, this will make any other form of control more effective. However, using just one method is not enough.

To develop the most effective rodent control plan at home, please contact Pestrap. Our pest control experts can inspect your house and discuss effective methods for rodent control and prevention.

Obvious signs of a rat infestation are as follows:

 A rat infestation in the home is an extremely serious problem and will need a qualified technician to remedy. Rats in the garden/surrounding areas are also a serious issue and will need the relevant steps taken to ensure they don’t enter the home /building.

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