Spider Extermination

Spider Extermination in Pakistan with Pestrap

Spiders are various arthropods found all over the world. Some species are very small, while others, such as tarantulas, are huge. Although most house spiders are harmless, widow spiders and brown recluse spiders are two common venomous species.

Spider Extermination

Basic Spider Biology:

Spiders are vigorous predators that feed on insects, other spiders, and even small mammals and reptiles.

  • They are different from insects in that they have two body areas instead of three. These two areas are the cephalothorax-including the eyes, mouth, and legs-abdomen.
  • Spiders have four pairs of legs, while insects have three pairs of legs. They modified the attachments called pedipalps, which are located on the front of the mouth, and in some species, they resemble another set of legs.
  • Most spiders have eight simple eyes on the front of their cephalothorax, but some spiders have fewer eyes. The arrangement of these eyes is usually used to distinguish different types of spiders.
  • The abdomen is segmented less and contains the genital structure, stomata, and spinneret used for spinning.
  • Many spiders spin a certain type of web, and the shape or type of the web is usually as varied as the spider itself. Other spiders are active hunters, they look for prey everywhere but do not spin their webs.

Preventing Bites

If your house is infected by brown reclusive spiders, you can reduce the chance of being bitten by following these suggestions:

  • Clothes can be stored in a sealed plastic bag in a drawer or a plastic cabinet in a closet. Shoes can be stored in plastic shoe boxes.
  • Clothes exposed on the floor, in a clothes basket or elsewhere should always be shaken and checked before being worn.
  • The bed should be pulled out to avoid touching the wall or curtains. The apron around the spring box should be removed from the bed, and no bed cover that is close to or touching the floor should not be used.

Spider Extermination

Some spiders may stack firewood and debris outdoors, under objects on the floor, or hide in the voids of hollow blocks, while others may live in the attic and crawl space or other areas of the house. A thorough, professional inspection by Pestrap will discover these hidden spots and help you remove spiders from your home.

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