stored product beetle

Stored Product Beetle Control

Stored beetles target common dry foods, including cereal products, flour, animal feed, sunflower, beans, peas, spices, plant roots and dried fruits, chocolate, cornmeal, oatmeal, bran, wheat, barley, Flax, rice, prescription drugs, packaged and chewed tobacco and ginger.­­

Stored Product Beetle Extermination

Stored beetles leave various signs of infection. The pungent smell indicates the presence of confused flour beetles nearby, while the grainy webbing and chewing holes in the grain indicate hairy spider beetles. Similarly, the pink color of the grain usually means that a large number of red beetles have entered. However, some species are not so easy to find. However, in general, grains that feel warm or heated should alert people to the presence of beetle infestations in stored products.

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