Termite Control in Karachi

Termite Control in Pakistan with No.1 Pest Control

This termite solution can be used indoors and outdoors and can be used for building foundations to create a protective barrier for your house. In addition to providing immediate protection, this treatment can also prevent future haunts. In order to provide the exact amount required, we use an application flow meter to record the amount of termiticide used in the area and the recommended cumulative total after each treatment.

Benefit of Pestrap’s Termite Control

Pestrap will conduct a comprehensive inspection of your house, and then issue a customized termite treatment plan to protect the biggest investment in your house. Pestrap’s processing technology is based on the specific design of your house, because we understand that every house is unique and not all customers’ needs are the same.

Termite Treatment

This treatment destroys the molting process of termites, inhibits the growth of termites, and is used in areas that may attract harmful organisms, such as mulch, old tree stumps, and downpipes. After the service is completed, our termite control experts will fill out a termite control ticket to accurately describe the work completed and when to return to monitor the progress of the treatment.

Spraying for Termites

Termite spray is a topical application on visible termites. It does not describe any structural treatment, nor does it control infection. Termite treatment is carried out in the form of soil and structure treatment, without spraying.

There are two main types of sprays that can be used to control termites: insect repellents and non-repellents. The main difference between the two is that it is almost impossible to detect termites with non-repellent spray. If even a little bit is missed in the process of spraying insect repellent, termites will notice and use it and find a new entry point.

Termite Control i

Termite Control in Karachi with Pestrap

Our termite control protection plan is a structural residential timber replacement guarantee that protects you from potentially expensive repairs and is supported by Pestrap Exterminator (not a third party). We insist on the quality of our work and rely on our experience and expertise to protect your property from termites.

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