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If you are allergic to stings, being stabbed by a wasp or bee can be very painful and even life-threatening. However, you can reduce these risks by taking reasonable precautions outdoors to ensure proper management of wasps or hives.

Wasps are often mistaken for bees and other stinging insects. They are also notorious for building nests in places where people like to gather (such as around your deck, eaves of houses), but they can also be undisturbed in attics until they are uncovered in spring.

As time goes by and the weather gets warmer, bumblebees emerge from hibernation in spring and begin to build wasp nests. As summer progresses, more worker bees will hatch. In the warm summer, wasps are most active. Common wasps cause the greatest distress and pain. Even if they have a unique yellow and black body, they can still be mistaken for a wasp.

Wasp Facts:

Only female wasps feel threatened and can therefore be used repeatedly. Dealing with wasp nests is usually the most effective way to control wasp problems and reduce the chance of stinging.

Wasps can also be very social animals and can establish colonies based on their mating level. Since the purpose of wasps in life is to mate or reproduce offspring, unmated wasps will eventually die. All unmated wasps, whether male and female, effectively die of loneliness in the late summer to early autumn.

Pestrap’s Wasp Fumigation Service

If the wasps’ nest is disturbed, they will attack in large numbers. It is best to treat the nest early in the year and then increase the number of wasps. The wasps become more aggressive, which increases the risk of being stabbed during the treatment. At Pestrap, we can provide safe and convenient solutions to quickly solve your wasp problem.

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